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Efficient & Engaging: Video Feedback

November 23, 2016 | Gillian Parrish

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As finals draw near, you may be lining up your carrots and sticks for your big grading weekend. Video feedback can be a more time-efficient approach than written feedback, as well as a livelier medium that engages students in their learning. This Scholarly Teacher post, “No More Grading in Your Pajamas: Using Video to Provide Feedback on Assignments” […]

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Capturing Students’ Perspectives on Learning

November 15, 2016 | Gillian Parrish

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This brief Chronicle of Higher Education article, “20 Things Students Say Help Them Learn,” provides students’ perspectives on what best supports their learning. While this conversation that captures students’s views on learning is of course useful at the start of the term, it can also be a helpful activity midway through your course to refocus and reenergize students in their learning […]

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