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9.22.2010--Freshman FOCUS class, "Women in Science" team taught by Prof. Regina Frey (striped shirt) & Prof. Barbara Baumgartner. Photos by Joe Angeles

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Creating Brave Classrooms for Courageous Conversations

July 8, 2016 | Shawn Nordell

Inclusive Teaching & Learning / Pinned

In a recent Teaching Professor post, Nicki Monahan discusses the importance of continuing to create “brave classrooms” where students and faculty have the opportunity to construct a shared understanding through their diverse experiences and perspectives. Using Ground Rules is a critical foundation for creating “brave classrooms.”

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Leading Discussions: Tips from a Junior-Faculty Workshop

September 17, 2015 | Gillian Parrish

Integrating Active Learning

Yesterday’s first junior-faculty workshop of the academic year, “Leading Effective Discussions,” led by Gina Frey, drew faculty from disciplines ranging from business to music and physics to think through the challenges and opportunities of classroom discussions. True to its topic, the workshop took the form of a lively discussion. We brainstormed in small groups and then reconvened […]

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