The Teaching Citation

Open to all PhD students at Washington University, this program is co-administered with the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.


The Teaching Citation program is designed to help Ph.D. students develop teaching experience and expertise in preparation for future faculty positions. All Ph.D. students at Washington University are eligible to participate. Graduate students at any point in their careers are welcome to participate in the Citation program. However, it is recommended that interested graduate students consult with The Teaching Center during the first two years of doctoral study to learn about the program requirements in detail.

Each graduate student who completes the Teaching Citation program will achieve the following objectives:

  • Training: Develop knowledge of effective pedagogy that can be adapted for teaching in the participant’s discipline.
  • Teaching: Gain expertise with varied teaching methods, while working to improve teaching by incorporating feedback provided by faculty, the Academic Services staff at The Teaching Center, and students.
  • Reflection on Teaching: Develop a clear and engaging articulation of the graduate student’s core teaching approach by writing a teaching philosophy statement.


Alumni of the Washington University Teaching Citation program report that completing the program helped them to develop specific, effective teaching strategies, to prepare and apply for academic jobs, and to write a teaching philosophy statement. For more detail, see their comments on benefits of the program (pdf).