For Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Appointees

The Director and Assistant Directors of Academic Services are available to meet with graduate students for teaching consultations and feedback. Possible topics to address include

  • improving effectiveness in leading discussions and delivering lectures;
  • responding to teaching evaluations;
  • encouraging student participation;
  • developing assignments; 
  • communicating with the course master; and
  • solving tricky classroom problems.

Consultations may also address professional-development topics related to teaching, such as

  • The Teaching Citation, WU-CIRTL, and Liberman Fellowship programs,
  • Teaching philosophy statements and portfolios, and
  • Teaching preparation for academic positions.

To schedule a teaching consultation, please click here.

Feedback on Current Teaching

Graduate students seeking feedback on current teaching should schedule a video-recording of the class session during which they would like to have their teaching observed and reviewed. After the class session has been recorded and the video has been transferred to DVD, the graduate student will meet with Teaching Center staff to review and discuss the DVD.

The Teaching Center staff member will also provide written feedback on the graduate students' teaching and will make suggestions as appropriate. If video-recording is not possible or appropriate for the type of teaching (e.g. in laboratory teaching), the teaching observation and review will be completed via an in-class observation, rather than via video-recording.

All consulting sessions are confidential, and all DVDs become the property of the requesting graduate students.​​